P. Kay Metal's computer generated manifest program, (Compufest), simplifies your return. You provide basic information about your company and the materials to be recycled, and we take care of the rest! P. Kay will supply the proper containers and labels. When you're ready to make a shipment, P.Kay will then send you a completed hazardous waste manifest and arrange for transportation.


Oxidized solder that is skimmed from the top of molten solder


Solder in a solid state containing no oxides or powders


Sell Us Your Solder Dross

Your spent solder is a valuable commodity. As both a manufacturer and recycler of solder, P.Kay can efficiently process your recyclables and maximize their value. After receiving a sample of your solder, it is analyzed and market value is established using current metals pricing.

We're Licensed & Permitted

Facility ID# CAL000024110

No matter where in North America you are located, P. Kay Metal can handle all of your solder recycling needs. Most states consider solder dross and oxides to be hazardous waste. P. Kay Metal is licensed and permitted by the State of California to transport, receive, store and recycle these types of materials. As a licensed TSDF (Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility), P.Kay Metal assures that your materials will be packaged, labeled, manifested, transported and recycled in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.

& Environmentally Friendly

All solder alloys received at P. Kay's facility are treated and recycled on site, thereby preserving the integrity of our environment.

When P. Kay Metal receives your material at its Los Angeles facility, it is weighed and analyzed via an ICP (Incductively Coupled Plasma) spectrometer. The resulting analysis details the metal compostion of the returned material. Alloys are segregated by compostion and form (dross or metal), assigned lot numbers and recycled.

Your metal is treated inside high temperature furnaces using P. Kay's advanced purification techniques. When the recycling process is complete, these purified solders meet or exceed all ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) specifications for contamination levels.

P.Kay's Solder Treatment Division pays you more for your dross because we are a solder manufacturer. We recycle your solder dross into ASTM industrial grade solder alloys. Trust your waste to the largest producer or tin-lead solders in the western United States.

In Compliance with CAL EPA and ALL local, state and federal regulatory agencies.



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