The P. Kay Metal DOFFS System

Convert Your Dross into Solder Bars

"DOFFS" stands for Dross Offline Solder Recovery System, a manufacturing solution that provides significant cost savings by converting dross into usable solder bars.

P. Kay Metal provides everything necessary for this easy and efficient transition, including an adjustable temperature controlled melting pot, molten solder valve and bar mold, and the MS2 solution formulated for your solder type. All you need to supply is the dross.

 redarrow.pngWatch the offline system in action here.

Download the DOFFS brochure to find out which components comprise the DOFFS system, and how easily it can convert your dross into usable solder bars:

pdficon.pngDOFFS System Brochure (English)

pdficon.pngDOFFS Folleto Sistema (Spanish)

pdficon.pngDOFFS Sistema Folheto (Portuguese)


MS2® for Companies Inside the US
MS2® for International Companies