P. KAY Metal Announces a New "Everything you need to recycle dross" System

After six months of extensive, successful field trials P. KAY Metal is announcing the full availability of its new DOFFS System (Dross Offline System). The DOFFS system includes all the self-contained equipment needed as well as  MS2® Molten Solder Surfactant and solder bar molds to allow your company to easily convert your valuable solder dross back into new bars of ready to use solder.

The use of the DOFFS system in conjunction with MS2 will let any company that generates solder dross reclaim their dross off line from the solder wave machine and in doing so it will reduce your need to purchase new expensive solder by up to 85%.

DOFFS installations are now running in a number of leading assembly companies and are now fully available in configurations that meet the needs of any  size assembly facility.

Jay Hardin, the MS2 product manager stated, "While the online dynamic and batch methods of using MS2 are still in wide use we have had numerous requests to allow full and efficient batch offline dross reclaim. The DOFFS System allows any company to quickly set up to reclaim their own dross and therefore gain all of the savings associated with doing so."

A complete brochure on the DOFFS unit is available in PDF format here.