About Us

P. Kay Metal supplies a broad range of tin and lead alloys in variety of forms including wire, bar, and ingot.

P. Kay Metal supplies a wide assortment of metals, alloys, wire and metal cores for all industries, including electonic, industrial, automotive and ammunition manufacturers.

Whatever your metal needs, P. Kay Metal® can deliver.

For metals, alloys, wire and metal cores, we have the product you need whether you are a manufacturer, contractor or industrial customer.

All of our metal products are processed, refined and made ready for the specific needs of our clients located both inside and outside the United States.

Electronic manufacturers

have come to rely on P. Kay Metal® for high quality products at a cost-efficient price.

Our commitment to consistently producing quality soldering material and providing reliable technical and recycling services was the foundation upon which P. Kay was established in 1978.

Our growth continues as we respond to the demands of an ever changing market place.

Our new facility and state issued recycling permits, provide solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Idaho, US

Our facility